Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Train Bridge

This is a picture looking into the water off of a train bridge. Kids who jump off the bridge use the small wooden boards as a ladder. Posted by Picasa

Burned House Photo 2

Here's another picture of the same burned house. Posted by Picasa

Burned House Photo 1

This is a picture I took of a burned down house I came across exploring the countryside on a rainy day at my cottage. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fun with Photoshop 2

Another photoshop sketch. He wanted it to look a lot like 'Bill the Butcher'. Posted by Picasa

Fun with Photoshop 1

A concept sketch I did for a friend Posted by Picasa

Charcoal Again

This is another drawing done with charcoal on handmade paper.

Posted by Picasa

Charcoal on Handmade Paper

This is a drawing I did using black and white charcoal on coloured handmade paper with a very coarse texture.

This photo of the drawing is kind of poor, so I had to adjust the levels picasa. Posted by Picasa

Portrait of my Grandfather

This is a recent portrait I drew of my grandfather. I drew it using black and white charcoal on handmade paper with a lot of tooth. Posted by Picasa